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Integration with Milestone

AETEK MIPI Utility is fully integrated with Milestone XProtect as a plug-in, available in both Smart Client and Management Client


The integration makes it significantly easier to access all features from one interface and allows faster security operation.

Powered by NTS (Network Topology System), the utility auto-generates a graphical overview of network topology that displays the status of all IP cameras, switches, and servers and lets users pinpoint a device issue at one glance. The security operator can try to self-troubleshoot the problem by restarting the PoE power of a device.

The topology has every switch node auto break down its details, including its device name, model name, IP address, Mac address, and PoE watts supplied. Users can define whether to show or hide a piece of information.

AETEK MIPI Utility can enhance user control over the whole network, with AETEK PoE switches effectively strengthening a video system's status monitor over its IP cameras and IP devices. Operators can identify and resolve network, device, and cable issues on their own, potentially reducing security support costs.

Key Features

  • Easy installation. No intricate settings or configurations. Only copy-and-paste is needed to get the utility up and running.
  • Flexible and easy device import, either by manual import based on IP addresses or auto-discovery in your subnet.
  • Supporting both XProtect Management Client and Smart Client
  • Wide product series support, including AETEK PoE switches, surge protectors, camera housing, and IP PoE backup cabinets
  • No trouble switching between XProtect and AETEK. Simultaneous video monitoring and troubleshooting are possible.


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