2022 Jun 10

Look forward to meeting you, during the Security Essen 2022 (September 20 - 23) Booth # 5B35


SD Series PoE Surge Protectors

The use of surge protectors to protect sensitive and expensive equipment from lightning strikes and surges on Ethernet cables has become very important. SD-404 and SD-424 are PoE surge protectors with modular-design that keeps PoE switches, PoE PDs and any other IP devices safe from lightning and other forms of electrical interference such as power surges and spikes over networking cables. The replacement module design allows you to swap the modules without removing the entire unit from the din-rail or the rack. These units are fully compatible with 802.3af/802.3at/802.3bt/UPoE standard, providing protection to both Ethernet data and PoE power feed, these include outdoor IP cameras, wireless AP and other networking devices. These harden-graded PoE surge protectors operating between -40°C and 85°C during harsh weather conditions, plug-and-play design defends the surge up to 20KV / 10KA easily.


AETEK provides a full range of 95W PoE injectors to power variety of PDs and pass data over network cables remotely. outdoor 95W PoE middle-span PoE injector are available for specific PDs requiring high power consumption, such as IP speed dome cameras, PoE cameras or PoE camera housing equipped with blower, heater, illuminator and wiper.


The H80-044-60-250, Outdoor L2 Plus Managed 60W/95W PoE Switch, is armed with IP67 & IK10, 6KV Ethernet port surge protection, 40KV in power supply surge protection, and hardened-grade standard to operate from -40℃ to 60 ℃ for harsh weather conditions. What's more, the H80-044-60-250 supports outdoor connections of 60W PoE PDs to the network such as outdoor IP cameras, wireless APs, and other industrial applications.


The XE62-120-TX, a smart 1-to-2 EPoC (Ethernet & Power over Coax) transmitter(IPTX) adapter equipped with 1 BNC port &2-port PoE switch, is designed to connect 2 of remote PoE IP cameras over single coax without requiring extra powersupply. This cutting-edge model delivers data and power at long range up to 500m with 25W PoE budget for 2 of PoE IP cameras remotely. Besides long-range PoE solution, XE62-120-TX is often used to upgrade legacy of CCTV to PoE IP surveillance without changing existing coaxial cable infrastructure. Outdoor model supports built-in 6KV EPoC surge protection, IP67 rated, IK10 vandal proof, and operates under harsh weather conditions between -30°C 60°C (-22°F 140°F).