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2023 jun. 15



The P6000-IW with supported PoE input is the professional enclosure, equipped with demisting / Anti-Icing window heater & blower. Additionally, more features such as a side-opening alarm switch, an adjustable sunshield, and an ITB (Illuminator Touch Board) hides the wiring for optional VAIR illuminator to let the P6000-IW be applied onto long-range IP surveillance day & night.


The H80-044-60-250, Outdoor L2 Plus Managed 60W/95W PoE Switch, is armed with IP67 & IK10, 6KV Ethernet port surge protection, 40KV in power supply surge protection, and hardened-grade standard to operate from -40℃ to 60 ℃ for harsh weather conditions. What's more, the H80-044-60-250 supports outdoor connections of 60W PoE PDs to the network such as outdoor IP cameras, wireless APs, and other industrial applications.


The X22-120-TX is Outdoor 2 port EPoC TX adapter, is armed with IP67 & IK10, 6KV BNC surge protection. The EPoC product line is a long-reach solution providing Fast Ethernet and PoE over RG6 coaxial cable up to 1200m(3937ft) for any brand of PoE IP camera. This product line also is often used to upgrade legacy of CCTV to IP surveillance without changing legacy RG59/RG6 coaxial cable. Furthermore, outdoor EPoC solution is a rugged and economical alternative to optical fiber. In addition, the power over coax to remote PoE IP camera is more convenient than optical fiber solution.